Leading a small business or charity is exciting and demanding - I should know, I've done is as CEO of an international development charity. Trouble is, no one except another Director or CEO really knows what it's like, both the ups and the downs. The numbers don't add up, fundraising is hard; the Board is demanding a new strategy; the staff are brilliant but very resistant to necessary change; the donors or customers are demanding ever more; the environment is becoming ever more competitive.

All of this is YOUR responsibility - and it can feel a bit lonely. You may know what to do - it is just how to do it that is the challenge. I can be your sounding board for ideas, so you can test them out with me; and I'll be your coach and mentor, to make sure you do the things you know you must do, but which are sometimes put aside to do something easier instead!

I've managed money crises, staff with terrible personal situations, relations with government and with partners overseas, dysfunctional Boards; I've sat on various Boards, too, and viewed it all from that side. I have a wealth of experience, in the UK and in Africa and Asia, and managing all these issues still excites me - perhaps I can assist you as you face up to them?

If you are in a leadership role as CEO, Director or senior manager and you want coaching, mentoring and support in these challenging areas for yourself or those you manage, do contact me and let's see what we can do. Note that coaching can often be funded out of your organisation's staff development, CPD or training budget, and can also be externally funded. If you want coaching for your staff, I can coach a range of people in an organisation; ask for details.