Increased self-confidence and a clear direction; these will be the main things you will gain from being coached

Your job, relationship, confidence, health, business, retirement, COVID and a planet in environmental crisis; all these and others can be confusing, frustrating or stressful. The only person who can change your life is you – but as your coach I can help you, by building your confidence and self-esteem, and finding the commitment you need to change things for the better.

I'll help you identify and achieve what you want - your goalsmore quickly and effectively than if you were working alone. And you should have more fun, too!


My job as coach and mentor is to ask powerful, incisive and searching questions that will help you achieve clarity about your issue and ways you can tackle it. Sometimes the questions may be uncomfortable; that's when the truth is close.

That's why, first and foremost, a coach must be an uncritical and trusted person; I won't judge you and I will maintain confidentiality, to help create the conditions for you to be honest about what you really want, about the barriers that hold you back, and about the actions needed to bring change.

Coaching can help in any aspect of your life - I have coached and mentored people on issues within work (performance, leadership style, dealing with staff conflict, change management, developing a business plan, marketing): on relationship issues, on being bullied at work, on finding a more fulfilling career, on impending retirement, on CV writing and job interviews, on managing debt, on having children and fertlitity issues, improving their health, running a marathon, on underlying issues of self-confidence.

Some people are already clear - or at least think they are - on what they want to achieve, and just need someone behind them to ask questions and keep them motivated. Others know something is not right: but what it is, and what are the alternatives, is a puzzle and sometimes a source of stress and unhappiness. Others want to improve performance at work, and need an executive coach who is apart from formal employer or line management relationships, exploring new ideas and solutions.

I have been called inspiring and supportive, and I will build your self confidence to tackle whatever is troubling you or holding you back in your life.