Tiger Tools 3: The Wheel of Life

  • 1. Draw a circle with 8 equal segments

  • 2. Identify 8 key areas of your life, or the most important 8 issues for you (if you have more than 8, decide which are the 8 most important)

  • 3. Put the names of one of the 8 priority areas you have chosen next to each of the segments

  • 4. Mark along each “spoke” dividing the segments a scale of 1 to 10 equal divisions, with 1 in the centre and 10 on the outside

  • 5. Now give each of the segments – the key areas of your life – a “satisfaction rating”, where 10 = total satisfaction with that area of your life, and 1 = very dissatisfied with that area of your life

  • 6. For each segment, give at least one issue that is important to your satisfaction in that area of your life

  • 7. Which of the 8 segments of your life do you want to focus on first for this coaching?

Areas of your life (examples)

Note that the names of the segments given in this example are not the same for everyone. You may choose:

  • Career/work

  • Personal development and growth (whatever that may mean for you)

  • Friends and family (or you may decide these are separate areas for you)

  • Partner or significant other

  • Financial

  • Spiritual life

  • Physical environment (your location, where you are living, how you are living)

  • Fun and recreation

  • Health and vitality

  • Social life

  • Emotional well-being

  • Contribution

Or you may have other, completely different areas that are important to you – what areas are most relevant to your life?