Tiger Tools 4: Give Away Thanks

Our giving is often about getting. Genuine giving comes from love, not fear – it makes us feel better. Give some Thanks without expectation of anything in return

Try these exercises:

  • 1. Try thanking people in your family – those you take for granted. Not just for passing the milk…… for things they always do, ways they support you without even thinking about it

  • 2. Try thanking your friends and colleagues for things they have done to help you, in your career, in difficult tasks, your emotional life, in other parts of your life. They may be surprised…. But see the effect on them

  • 3. Thank people you see doing a good job or a good deed; the person who cleans your street, the person who gives up their seat for a pregnant woman, the bus driver that shows consideration for elderly passengers, the public official who has dealt with an aggressive customer with patience and dignity.

Observe those you thank – how do they feel? And how do you feel?