For our coaching and mentoring relationship to work best and give you the results you want, we will follow some basic guidelines:

  • Confidentiality:

    I will tell no-one that I am coaching you, and everything we discuss remains private and confidential on my side. It is up to you what and who you tell! It is important that I win your trust; our sessions may cover very sensitive areas relating to self-esteem and self-confidence, and I want you to be able to tell the truth to me and - more importantly - to yourself

  • Non-judgemental:

    I will never judge you. This is one of the main benefits of coaching and mentoring. I will challenge you, though; so be ready for that!

  • Commitment:

    Coaching can only work if you are committed to making change happen. This means, for example, doing the actions points you agree in our sessions. If you have no commitment, then we will be wasting your time and my time. But if you do have commitment, anything is possible!

  • Advice:

    Only you can change your life; only you can decide what is your best course of action. I will help you identify options by asking you the right questions - but you will ultimately take the responsibility for deciding what to do, and then doing it. However, if you are really stuck, and with your explicit permission, I may offer you some advice - OK?!

  • Communication:

    When we arrange a time to talk, I expect you to respect that and be ready. My commitment to you is that I will be ready. Of course, things come up sometimes; clear and timely communication will make sure we both know of any changes

  • Support:

    I will always support and encourage you - I want you to succeed. You probably have lots of people telling you why you shouldn't do something; I won't be one of them!

If we stick to these basics, we should have a fruitful coaching relationship!