As long as you have access to video access (preferably Zoom, MS Teams or skype) or telephone, Yes; of course, we'll have to work out the time zones! I can coach expatriate UK people, or foreign nationals; though I can only coach in English, alas. I have lived and worked in Asia and Africa, and know many of the additional or different pressures that can arise in different cultures. I have lived and worked in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sierra Leone, and have travelled widely for my work in Asia, Africa and the Americas. I have coached people in India, Dubai, Thailand, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions after the initial "intake" session, but it very much depends on you and the issue you have. Sessions can be weekly, or as much as 2-3 months apart; and I usually find 6 sessions is enough - after that, the relationship can become too comfortable and less effective. It may even develop into friendship!

I charge £125 for three sessions, which is the minimum number of sessions needed to make progress in my experience. Individual sessions are £50. The initial scoping "intake" session is free, so you can decide if coaching is for you and if I'm the right coach for you - before you pay anything. There are discounts if you pay for multiple sessions, and for disabled people or unemployed people or students. Each session costs the equivalent of a meal in a good restaurant - but hopefully has a more long-lasting effect!

I'd need to know more, but any issue in principle can be coached - relationships, health, career, family, retirement. If it emerges that someone is extremely disturbed about incidents from the past, or issues such as violence are involved, I may suggest a counsellor or some other professional assistance; but if the issue is about looking forwards, then coaching should help. Confidentiality is always maintained

For your protection and mine, I prefer to meet people in a suitable public space; I use skype or telephone to coach people in their own homes. However, I recognise there may be issues of mobility to consider, or simply comfort, so I am willing to discuss home coaching

It has to be someone's own decision to be coached, so I would need to talk with him directly. This is because personal commitment to change is a key ingredient of a successful coaching relationship

Young people face many bewildering choices, and coaching can be very beneficial. However, for anyone under 18 years of age, I will need parental or guardian consent to start coaching. After that, the usual rules about confidentiality apply, unless anything comes up which I do think needs to be passed on to a parent or guardian - I hope you understand!

Trust between coach and client is very important, and you must feel able to tell me anything. I will not tell anyone about the contents of our conversations, and I will not tell anyone that I am coaching you. Who you tell is up to you - and sometimes it is an added incentive and motivation if you tell a friend or colleague that you're taking steps to make some change in your life.