You may be approaching coaching and mentoring with a degree of doubt and even scepticism, and it isn't for everyone. This is my approach:

We'll start with a free "intake" or introductory session where we will discuss what is coachinghow our coaching relationship will work, and what broadly is the issue you want to focus on.

If possible, this intake session will be in person, usually in a public place convenient for you, such as a quiet cafe. If you live outside London, or overseas, we will talk by phone or skype. After the intake session, you will decide: do I wish to go further?

If No, there is no need to offer any explanation - just tell me No! (and if I can direct you elsewhere - maybe you want a female coach, for example - just let me know)

If Yes, and using what medium is best for you (in person, telephone, skype), we set up the first session. I may ask you to complete an exercise before the first session, to help me - and you - identify what is really important to you. We will use other exercises along the way.

After each session, I will email you briefly with key points; and I will give you an opportunity at the end of each session to say if there are changes you would like to make in how we work together

If you or I feel things are not working out, we will say and may amend future sessions to improve things

Coaching is about results and rapport. Hopefully you will find me easy, effective and likeable to work with, and we will have fun along the way. It is outcomes that count ultimately - I will do all I can to be your No 1 supporter, but only you can change your life or your business! Are you ready for that challenge?