The colour of night rises on the road behind; Ahead, uphill, hear the tiger roar. These times, the traveller's heart is a flag One hundred feet high in the wind

(On Mount Ching, by Meng Chuo, late T'ang period)

Hello, I'm Graham, personal performance coach and mentor. What you really want to have, be and do are scary and exciting - just like the tiger's roar. With me as your coach, you can feel the exhiliration of that traveller's heart on your own journey to greater confidence, self-esteem and achievement in your business, career, relationship and life. If you're leader in a business, NGO or charity, I can provide as a former CEO the support you need to deal with staff, Board, customers, strategy, partners, finances and funding. If your issues are more personal, let me accompany you as your coach, mentor and encourager.


I've coached people outside the UK with Zoom, skype and Teams and in person, including in India, Malawi, Dubai and Thailand; I coached 12 people individually and as a team during an intensive week in Zimbabweand have coached leaders in Kenya and Pakistan  - and worked with both senior managers and over 100 staff in Bangladesh in 2016 on coaching and managing change

Some people have said: what do coaches actually do?! Well, this website may help explain; and if you want to change and improve your life or work in 2021-22, why not give coaching a try!

Graham (Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy - Merit)

PS: why not treat a friend to a free coaching session? Contact me for details

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5% of profits go to charity. In 2020-21, ChildHope will be supported, a non-government organisations that supports street children around the world