What it Costs

My fees for coaching and mentoring are:

  • Assessment session: usually about one hour - FREE (you can always buy me a coffee...) 
  • Each individual coaching session - £50
  • Course of 3 sessions - £125 (I usually find at least 3 sessions are needed to make real progress)
  • Follow up emails and exercises, texts, email and telephone support between sessions - FREE
  • Disabled people - £25 per session
  • Unemployed people - £25 per session

I am very happy to discuss other arrangements - for example. a fixed fee to coach a group of people over a period of time. Leadership coaching and mentoring fees may also vary, depending on the assignment and the organisation


  • Payments can be in cash or by cheque
  • Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer (details on request)

Missed or late sessions:

  • Where a session is unavoidably postponed by a client, I will try where possible to reschedule at no charge
  • If you cause sessions to start late, I will try to give you the full time, but this may not always be possible - so please be on time, whether it is in person or by phone or skype! 

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