What People Have Said

The relationship between coach and client is never a foregone conclusion – rapport and trust need to be built, and there will be highs and lows, as difficult issues are addressed.

These people have been positive about working with me – even when we’ve had tough issues to deal with! Identities protected, of course….

"Thank you once again for the excellent session. As always it helps me refocus on the positive rather than criticisms!" (K, freelance web designer and PM, 2013)

"Graham’s really very approachable. He’s gentle, kind, open and honest. I instinctively opened up to him. I find him very easy to talk to, and we have very good conversations. He has a very high level of emotional intelligence, and is therefore naturally empathetic. This is essential to coaching, and for a role where you must have the ability to quickly establish positive 1:1 personal relationships. Graham’s completely reliable, and always does what he says he’s going to do. He’s never let me down" (M, university director, 2013)

I have learned a lot - better ways to approach problems, more upbeat ways of looking at choices in my career and life. All along I felt very comfortable in revealing my inner-most thoughts. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others as a very inspiring coach (M, charity CEO, 2012)

Graham made a big impact on me, and I found especially useful the Be-do etc exercise – it made me think beyond my immediate work situation to look at other aspects of my life, and it forced me to be more honest with myself. Graham also made me realise that I have achieved quite a lot in my career already, so I have some stuff to be proud of – I’d never really thought about it like that (B, NGO worker, 2011)

"4 months ago, before I met Graham, I felt that I am being caught in a set of problems that is impossible to escape from because each problem must be solved first before I can solve any of the others. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed while carrying the initial assessment, so I did not feel ashamed by talking about my problems" (E, freelance translator, 2011)

"The 5 sessions that I had with Graham have helped me develop my confidence and enabled me to do some things that I would have felt were impossible about a year ago. He gave me a safe place to talk about my life and what I want to achieve and being able to analyse and set out my goals clearly made such a difference. His encouragement and belief in me was the key to me going forward and doing all those "risky" things. In particular, being able to have “difficult” conversations with some key people in my life, which I had been avoiding but which were really necessary, helped me to “find” myself again and feel that I was actually being myself again and not just putting on an act and pretending that things were fine when they were not" (P, sales executive, 2011)

"Graham has helped me in many aspects: with rewriting my CV so that it does not make me look all over the place – it now makes me look quite impressive and competent, if I may say so myself (!); with feeling better about myself, as he would point out my strengths (quite a few he thought, bless him....) and suggest how to overcome possible weaknesses; with making me realise that I should not apply for anything I could do but wait till something I really want to do comes around; finally, and most importantly, by making me like myself much more and making me laugh!" (EL, academic, 2011)

"The sessions I have had with Graham have allowed me to clearly define the sectors and roles I would like and the kind of salary I need to support my lifestyle, as well as helping me to build by confidence to apply for the roles I really want. I have found the prompt emails he has sent me after our sessions particularly useful in order to summarise the session and remind me of my goals and action plan. Graham is professional, empathetic and really supportive. He has made himself available at short notice when I have needed him, and I have found him extremely approachable and very easy to communicate with. I have no hesitation to recommend Graham to others and will use his services in the future if the need arises" (M, librarian and information worker, 2011)

“I felt supported and encouraged. Graham conducted the sessions in an empathetic, caring, and professional manner at all times” (A, administrator, 2010)

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