Zombie attack! (19 September 2019)


Heads looked up – briefly, from smartphones – to see what this strange noise was in the coffee shop. It was (whisper it) someone paying with……coins! (and dropping them on the counter). Someone was using money, not their card or an app, to buy their latte.

Even more amazingly, this was a Costa on the Essex University campus, and the thirsty chap was a Chinese student; those from the Land of Huawei tend to be very high-tech, and cash is rare (I have a Huawei smartphone, by the way; as you may know, Huawei’s involvement in our UK “5G” is seen by some as a backdoor for our personal data to end up in the hands of the Chinese government; but I figure it already goes to MI5 and the CIA, so what’s the difference?)

Anyway, people in the café soon returned to their screens; even those sitting with friends. There was very little chatting. No real surprise; yet it made me ponder.

I have encountered, as you must have, people walking down the street with noses to their phones. On trains and buses, too. Everywhere. I had cause to talk by skype to a woman in the Ukraine; she confirmed “zombies” are ubiquitous there too. It is common in the UK to see parents with pushchairs who are chatting away on their mobiles while their child is left to amuse itself.

Does all this matter? Maybe not, maybe it is just the future; but it can be alienating. How about a little personal communication, not just the electronic sort.

So try putting away your smartphone, and maybe you will enjoy those spontaneous chats with fellow customers, passengers or pedestrians (like mine, about Brexit this morning………….aghhhh!) and make the world a more sociable and perhaps less lonely, happier place again. Just a thought!

All the best


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