You'll Never Walk Alone (31 October 2014)

I support Liverpool FC, which is a bit of a trial recently. I remember the great nights, and teams, of the 1970s and 80s, and the triumph against all the odds in Istanbul in 2005, so I can't complain. Well, shouldn't, but I am a football fan! And Yes, Suarez had to go - one bite is one too many - but we surely lost something with the departure of one of the ten best players I have ever seen.

So now Brendan Rogers is "under pressure" as our main man on the touchline. He is described as both manager and coach, which brings me - at last - to the point of this blog: can you be both manager AND coach?

But I would say: you can't be a good manager and leader if you are NOT also a coach!

As a CEO, I sometimes was tempted to dicatate and give orders - usually when time was short and crises in the offing. It was almost expected. But it only works in the short-term, it demotivates people, they learn nothing, and you lose the respect of others. You can feel powerful; but you're deluding yourself.

So try asking those open questions in the coaching way, get your staff and team mebers thinking, see what solutions they come up with, in short; develop them. It may take a little more time at first, but they will be happier, and you'll deliver better results with more motivated and skilled people.

I like to think even the Liverpool "back four" can improve with this approach.....!

all the best

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