Words will never hurt me (12 July 2015)

Words will never hurt me (12 July 2015)
Today is the men’s final at Wimbledon and, with Mr Murray sadly losing in the semi-final (hooray! – I’m not a fan), we have Roger v Novak, with the Serb favourite for me.

But the intriguing story of the two weeks is: just what on earth is in the blue book – or The Blue Book, as it is known in the media – which Vasek Pospisil was seen reading, or at least looking at, between games in his matches on the way to the quarter-final showdown with Murray?

Whatever the words, they seemed to do the job; Pospisil came back from losing positions in at least two previous matches, triumphing against the odds.

Tactical diagrams, or philosophical musings; maybe inspirational lines from the great poets; or perhaps just a list of the household necessities he needed to buy to make sure the fridge was well-stocked? Only Mr Pospisil really knows – but the ploy certainly worked.

I find inspiration in certain words, like the Chinese poem on this website’s home page, or the lyrics of Patti Smith – and many others. Depending on what I need – courage, determination, solace, whatever – I carry some suitable words with me, though in my head rather than a book. The words are, in effect, a form of self-coaching; a reminder of good habits, strategies, values, truths; even humour, a reminder not to take everything too seriously. Mr Pospisil was doing a bit of self-coaching, too.

I’ve also harnessed new technology; I have several reminders on my mobile phone, that pop up weekly, including one that makes sure I think about others, too, who struggle in this unequal world. The words keep me grounded, focussed, less self-indulgent when my feelings drift downwards.

So, for the words that inspire you – or maybe it is an object or a vision – keep them close and with you, and use them to help overcome the barriers you face as you seek to change your life.

All the best


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