What I really, really want (7 September 2011)

One tool we coaches learn to use helps identify what you really want to have, be and do in your life. Like all good experimentors, I decided to try this on myself first - just to check for unexpected side effects, you understand..... Anyway, turns out there is a lot I still want, so fingers crossed I live a while longer yet (!). But one thing really surprised me: I want a sea view. Now, where did that come from, I wondered?

So I rustled up some madeleines - well, a chocolate brownie - and went on a Proustian journey to the past; where I discovered the memory of a little boy - yup, me - sitting in my parent's garden, aged about 8, under a big sun umbrella in a huge downpour. And I remembered how much I used to love and need fresh air, the wind, the rain, all the elements - as a student, even, up on Dartmoor (I went to Exeter University), and at other times in my life. I live in London now, and I hardly ever even look at the sky and the clouds; pretty sad, eh?!

So I need to get nature, the environment, back in my life, for my own mental health and happiness. The "sea view" represents all that - and the sea is very special, with its colours and smells and ever changing appearance. So now I just need a plan on how to get that view! And that, folks, demonstrates the power of coaching - helping me realise what will make me happier and more content, the first step to changing my life.

all the best


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