What did you do in the war, Dad? (23 May 2020)

Standing on your doorstep, banging a saucepan and distance-meeting your neighbours? Volunteering to deliver groceries to vulnerable people in your community? Using the Houseparty app to have a virtual party with your friends, where you all sing along to Abba and raise a glass of vino?

Or hiding in your bed, wondering: will it ever end? Getting freaked out by all the people in Tesco who don’t follow the one-way system (that is, everyone but you) as you stockpile canned tomatoes? Queueing for hours outside your local pharmacy to buy a facemask that you will wear after the first week?

Or none of the above?

COVID-19 has spread through the world, finally (now) hitting Africa – and it is not easy social-distancing in the urban-poor areas of Lagos or Nairobi – and has impacted on everyone. Our governments are reacting in different ways, some more effectively and convincingly than others; and we as individuals are also showing differentiated responses and behaviours.

We hear sad stories of those who are dying, many of them; and we also hear heart–warming stories of ordinary folks doing wonderful things for others. Celebrities are also responding: what would we do without seeing them performing their hits for YouTube in their luxurious kitchens as they self-isolate in their plush homes?

You don’t hear about those who do not catch the eye of the media, who carry on as best they can, doing the home-schooling, watching the TV; or being alone, waiting for it all to end.

This is almost certainly the majority; it is the reality for most. If you are just getting on with it, and not posting on Facebook, don’t feel you are weird or peculiar or sad, don't feel guilty or inadequate; it is the truth for most, the reality, we are all different, and those stoic, uncomplaining people are also heroes in heir own ways. Keep your values, be kind, look out for those you love, and be ready to make a better world after lockdown

Stay safe!

All the best



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