We're going on a Bear Hunt (1 February 2017)

Becoming the father of twin boys, now four and a bit, at a relatively late age, has certainly changed my life; though, talking with other parents, having children around is a major change and challenge, whatever your age! They are by turns joyous, mischievous, annoying, endearing, enraging, and puzzling – and that’s just the first five minutes when they get home from Big School……

I have always liked children for their spontaneity and directness, and my own children are no exception; they see it and call it as it is, in a way that can be refreshing or embarrassing or quite profound. They tell the truth.

We adult beings are constrained by all the social and societal rules we have learned through our lives; and, in many cases, we need to follow those rules to survive in a world of 7 billion fellow citizens.

But sometimes, just sometimes, maybe we could follow our children, especially in looking at ourselves and what we want or need to change to improve and be better. So try these things: say what you think; ask when you don’t understand; be just a little selfish sometimes. Be more child-like, and discover the truth.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend calling someone Stinky-Pants-Poo-Poo…… but, hey, we coaches don’t tell people what to do, we merely ask clients to think of pros and cons for them, and if it works for you, well…….!

All the best


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