Way of the Tao (30 April 2013)

On Tuesday evenings, no matter how tired I am, I drag myself to the nearby Methodist Hall for a spot of qi gong. We are a small, diverse and multicultural group who spend the next 90 minutes in almost total silence - apart from the wonderful Chinese music that accompanies each sequence or "dance".

We spend the first 15 minutes walking around the room; yes, it sounds dull, and possibly a little weird, but it is amazing how it calms the body and soul, especially if you can master the philosophy of letting your energy connect with the earth. I first saw tai chi being done by elderly Chinese people in Beijing way back in 1988, and have always been drawn to it and to qi gong; and this group has the perfect balance, being not too heavy on the spiritual side, but not seeing it as just another middle-class "keep fit" fad.

I've long wondered if it is possible to bring together qi gong and coaching; certainly, with some people, I'm tempted to get them to do something physical to release the pent up frustration, anger, fear or sadness they feel - moving, standing up, shaking it about, can all help.

So try this:

  • Stand up
  • Draw your hands up your back, over your kidneys
  • Bring your fists under your armpits, and in front of you, at chest height
  • Palms should face downwards, but fists still clenched
  • Now flick your hands outwrds, releasing the energy
  • As you do so, think: there goes that bad feeling, that failure, that irritation
  • Now get on with life again!
  • Repeat whenever you need it..

I'm off to Japan with my wife and twins soon for a couple of weeks; sayonara!

all the best


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