Walk beside me (18 January 2018)

Donald Trump is the leader of the Free World. Scary, isn’t it? Especially with Kim Jong-Un as leader of North Korea; between them, these are interesting times – very much in the Chinese sense.

Leadership is a big part of our lives, every day; here in the UK, we have political leaders, heads of schools and hospitals, chief executives of industry, all purport to be our leaders. We have even, astoundingly, voted for some of them in democratic systems.

And some are good, even respected; though, alas, many seem untrustworthy, unworthy, overpaid, incompetent, lacking principles or values – yes, I mean you, the CEO who jumped ship at Carillion recently, just before it hit the rocks, and to whom a salary of £660k was due to be paid well after his leaving, while the workers lost their jobs. We have little respect now for those who claim to lead us.

So what makes a Respected Leader, as opposed to merely popular? Respected leaders:
1. Are willing to do or have done what they expect of others
2. Have a high degree of self-awareness
3. Believe that people are striving to do their best
4. Give credit where it is due
5. Admit their mistakes and take responsibility when things don’t go as expected
6. Support their people and don’t show favoritism
7. Are not afraid to take risks, are open and honest, and encourage those under them to do so

What kind of leader are you?!

Remember, though, the words of French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus:

Do not walk in front of me, for I will not follow; do not walk behind me, for I will not lead; walk beside me and just be my friend

Wonder what Trump and Jong-Un and all our leaders would make of that?!

All the best


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