Value added (3 November 2015)

I have been doing some work recently with a charitable organisation, one that has existed for a long time, and has grown strong and influential. It has staff all over the world, and works with communities who live with poverty and injustice, trying to address not just the symptoms of these issues, but also the root causes - the imbalance of power that makes and keeps some rich and powerful while leaving others poor and disempowered.

Yet, as the organisation has grown and expanded, and has taken on new staff and functions, it has neglected - some say - its core values, those ideas and attitudes which were the base on which the organisation was based and which drove its actions and made it different and unique. As the organisation has become established, it has drifted from those values, and there has been no systematic process of reviewing and renewing those values, and no effective way to introduce new staff to those values.

The symptoms are clear; no cohesion in terms of actions, programmes, advocacy and campaigns; complex processes and plans that fail to communicate its aims, even to those within; staff who still have fire and desire to change the world, but who are angry, divided and adrift.

The organisation is now fixing this, and rediscovering its values; hopefully, it will find rejuvenation to address those deep-rooted power imbalances that make life so hard for so many.

But the warning is there; as with this organisation, so with you and me. Neglect the values that are your essence, fail to know what they are or to exercise them daily, and the symptoms will follow: anger, unhappiness, discontent, failure.

So know your values and live by them - no matter how difficult it makes life sometimes!

all the best

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