Truth, the whole truth (1 December 2016)

I have spent most of the last six weeks working in the Philippines and Tanzania, on issues as diverse as the impact of a super typhoon on poor communities, to violence against women and girls in refugee camps; and, alas, there are some connections I now see between the two. But another time, perhaps.

My constant companion on the two trips has been a famous – infamous? – book called The Girl on the Train. This is a multimillion bestseller (it says, on the cover) about a tangled web of events involving several people, one of whom is a habitual alcoholic, and who is the main narrator.

The book is certainly compelling – at least it has been for me when I have had electricity and light to read it, which is why it has taken me so long, and I haven’t quite finished yet…… It is somewhat infamous because some have dismissed it as a bit gimmicky and contrived; but I imagine they still read it!

And please DO NOT let me know the final outcome: I will get to it in a few days, I hope, as I return to the UK tomorrow.

The crux of the plot is: how reliable is our drunken narrator, when it comes to telling us the truth? She admits to lying; but her memory is completely messed up by all the white wine and gin she consumes. Her memory of certain events is crucial to the plot; but can she be relied on for the truth, even to herself?

Which brings me to my coaching point: if you really want to change your life, or an aspect of it, you firstly need to be totally honest with yourself about why and where you are now – only through the truth can you change. That’s where a coach can be helpful; telling the truth to someone who is not personally connected to you can be easier, even if it is still painful.

So being g truthful to yourself is the first step to change; can you be totally truthful?

Now, back to that book, as the rain thunders down in Dar es Salaam…….

all the best

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