Time to live and a time to die (18 December 2017)

 Death has been on my mind a lot; it’s what happens when you get older. You start to think: what happens next – if anything? I recently sat with a former colleague from Amnesty International, and we started to count up those we knew there who had died. We got to 20, then we stopped. It started with deaths from Aids in the early 1990s; then cancer, drugs, accidents, alcohol, sudden strokes; and, yes, even old age.

I also talked with a former coachee, someone who I had supported through various challenges at her workplace. Now she has lost her unborn child, and finds it hard to talk with her family or friends or colleagues; she needed someone outside.

As ever, many famous and infamous folk have also died this year, from sport, entertainment, politics and beyond; some of them were people who I saw on TV as a child – they were part of me growing up.

My reflection is this: let yourself grieve. Do it in your own way, at your own pace, in your own place. Don’t do it because it is expected of you; do it if you need it, and then move on. Never forget; but go forwards.

I leave you this year, 2017, with some of those who have died and who were part, in some strange way, of me

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