They shoot coaches, don't they? (9 January 2014)

I have a confession for you. Even coaches – and this may come as a shock to you – yes, even coaches can suffer from lack of confidence or doubts about their ability. I think I’ve dealt OK with some of the real barriers that hold one back – I don’t bother with regrets, for instance! But I still wonder: is what I do helping people? Because if it isn’t, then I have a problem.

So, given the reflective time of the year, as 2014 gets going, I’ve mulled over what some of my clients have done and how their lives have changed. This is what I’ve found they’ve done:
• Managed to relocate herself and her family to a distant, rural part of the UK from London, escaping a suffocating relationship with her in-laws, and finding economic viability and much happiness
• Overcome stress-related illness, and done some new work overseas
• Dealt with a painful divorce, and found a new job and life overseas in the Middle East
• Acted on deep feelings about becoming a mother, and at the same time moving to a new job in a new organisation, expanding her team there
• Confronted her fears about raising money for her organisation, and getting on with it
• Finding the courage to leave a safe but lowly and undervalued position in a large organisation, taking a new and challenging job overseas, and taking to the stage to perform in front of an audience, something she’d never before done
• Become a mother and dealt with a maternity disrupted by an unruly and disorganised governing body that continued to make demands
• Said No to a comfortable invitation to stay at an organisation, moved to London, obtained freelance work, and spent the New Year traveling with a new partner in Asia

I’ll take some credit as a coach for all of the inspiring changes above; I need to keep my confidence high! But, like all coaches, I have to acknowledge a basic truth: the only person that can change your life is you.*

All the best


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