Then three came along (10 July 2018)

Just missed my bus. Again. By one minute. As usual. Why does it ALWAYS come just as I’m turning the corner? WHY?

Except it doesn’t. Not “always”, as I’ve turned the corner. You’ll have to excuse me for this – well, I do evaluation work, too, so I’m supposed to know all about rigorous, objective data collection! – but I actually kept a little log, for two weeks. In fact, only once did the bus shoot past as I was almost in sight (annoying enough, though – I was really in a hurry that day….).

But my perception had remained steady; it still felt like the same thing happened 50% of the time
So am I a pessimist by nature? I hadn’t thought so. But maybe we just over-emphasise the bad things in our lives, the knockdowns, the setbacks.

Be aware of doing it; and maybe it won’t seem so bad! Re-examine, as coolly as you can, the bad things that have happened: and maybe it will be easier to move on, whatever the nature of the hurt.

Now, some people over-emphasise the good things…….but that’s another blog!

All the best

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