The Comfort of Strangers (3 October 2017)

Last night was the massacre in Las Vegas, at the country music festival; 59 confirmed dead so far, more than 500 wounded. The gunman – who had 42 weapons in his room on the 32nd floor of his hotel, from where he shot so many people – was, seemingly, not an “international terrorist”; no-one, as yet, can give any explanation at all of why he did what he did. Maybe it cannot be explained.

The stories are emerging, of course, of the dead and wounded; their lives lost, their terror, the panic that ensued; I really don’t think it is possible to imagine oneself in the situation they faced, even if you wanted to do so.

But one thing strikes me in this case, again, as it has in the regrettable proliferation of such happenings; some run for cover and away from perceived danger, understandably – but some run towards it, thinking immediately of others, of what they can do to help, how they can alleviate the tragedy.

One woman’s truck was commandeered by police to carry victims and survivors to hospital; but she didn’t need much persuading. “Of course, load them in, I’ll take them as fast as I can”. Others held the hands of the dying, or tried to stem blood flows. The queue to donate blood was phenomenal.

This always happens; and I’ve seen it, too, in the street, in relatively small incidents. Some pass by, and some stop.

What do you do? And if you don’t stop usually, will you do so now?

Helping others is good in itself; but it is also amazing for self-esteem and for feeling happier with life. Every day there will be something you can help with, something you can stop for, instead of hurrying by; give it a go, and feel better about yourself.

All the best

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