Step by step (15 May 2018)

I am currently in the Philippines, doing some work with disabled people and their attempts to be more self-sufficient and independent – for which they need to generate income for themselves from small-scale businesses.

They have amazing ideas; the challenge is to get capital, in the form of loans, to start up such businesses – they face many, many barriers of prejudice and false perceptions by others in getting loans. Many succeed, though, and are so incredibly inspiring. I met one little girl called Ivy, whose mother is her carer and is setting up a sari-sari store – sort of a local, general shop – to bring in money; Ivy has cerebral palsy, and cannot see, speak or walk. I will long remember her, and her picture is featured here.

I have done lots of travelling, getting to the Philippines, and then within the country; on planes, buses, taxis, jeepneys (the famous long-wheelbase public transport vehicles painted with traditional designs), tricycles, motorbikes. Then there are all the queues, for passport control, for boarding, for checking-in to hotels.

What I realised I do is to break down my journey into stages; things I must do to get to the end. For example, in stages:
1. Wake up on time
2. Hope the taxi arrives
3. Get to the airport
4. Check-in
5. Board the plane
6. The flight
7. Meet my hosts at the other end
8. Get to the hotel
9. Check-in

I mentally plan my journeys and other task in this way; then I tick the stages off in my head as I complete them. The whole process of breaking the journey or tasks down into manageable stages helps me to feel progress and achievement.

This approach to difficult tasks works for me; try it!

All the best

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