Spontaneity (1 January 2017)

Today, the first day of 2017, I turned right with Sam, our border collie, not left, on his early morning walk. Right, towards the small lake, not left past the allotments. I always turn left; it is quicker, and I have things to do – get the children ready for school, write a report, look at some notes, and eat my breakfast.

But today, in 2017, I turned right, spontaneously. And it felt good! A small change in routine; but important. Sometimes our lives become ingrained in patterns of behaviour, which are quite unconscious, and can be a way of surviving the daily grind – which is how life can seem.

The start of a New Year is often a time when people develop long lists of things to change in the coming months; eat less, lose weight, go the gym, start yoga, be nice to people, find a better relationship, read War and Peace, throw out all that junk that has accumulated, visit the Maldives, get a new job…… Long, long lists; that can help both morale and the essence of life in their compiling.

But those lists also can bring us down, especially if we write them; they lurk there, on paper or in the computer, gently mocking and admonishing us. Our weight returns to its start point, after a small initial loss; and the bookmark gets to page 47 of War and Peace, and stays there, to be found in 10 years’ time.

So try something simpler, yet potentially more radical: go right, not left, make a different choice to that you normally do, try new things – be spontaneous!

And, in the words of yet another lost soul from my teenage years, who left us right at the end of 2016 – keep rockin’ all over the world

All the best


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