Show Your True Colours (26 November 2014)

Haruki Murakami is my favourite author. When I was younger, and exploring via Penguin Modern Classics, Mervyn Peake was much admired, along with Camus, Jane Austen, Conan Doyle - that gey-green spine took me to some amazing places. But Murkami wins out, and his latest - The Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrammage - is a joy. It is more rooted - just - in reality than some of his works, but it still left me restless, confused, inspired, thoughtful; even nostalgic.

The key point is that our hero, Tazaki, is not really colourless; he just thinks he is. He was part of group of friends at high school who, so it seemed, were more interesting than him - more creative, high achievers, stand-out-in-a-crowd types.

I won't spoil the plot for you; suffice to say that Tazaki gets cut off from the group, and only many years later, after a seemingly colour-free life, does he seek to find out why he was outcast. And guess what: according to his old friends, he wasn't so colourless after all, but a valued part of the group that brought his own views and qualities.

Many people I've coached have low self esteem, and don't value themselves. One thing I get them to do is to ask a small selection of people - their friends, trusted colleagues, family - what it is they value about my client. Always they come back: many, many things.

So if you feel low, and think you have no worth, ask those close to you: what do you like and value about me? And listen to those qualities flow.

As for Murkami; start with Norwegion Wood, and work your way towards The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle; enjoy!

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