'Scuse me while I touch the sky (6 January 2016)

As a coach, I am often asked at this time of a new year – or at least I was by the woman I got chatting to while waiting for a newly-timetabled and seemingly non-existent bus – how to keep and achieve a New Year’s Resolution.

Well, we coaches will help you setting the goals you really, really want at any time of the year, of course, but I know lots of us try to change our lives in some way at this time. Sadly, a recent study concluded that 71% of folk followed through on their new year’s resolutions for only the first two weeks….. So how to set resolutions we can stick to?

Step 1: is this really a good time for you? If not, try again later…..!

Step 2: typically, most people set this kind of goal: read more; exercise more; eat healthier; learn a new language; get a new career as a coach (whoops…). The problem? No specificity. Try this instead: read 5 books by April; run a half marathon by July; restrict chocolate to one day a week; complete an online course in basic French. Get the idea?

Step 3: breaking our goal into smaller and manageable steps can help us to reach our larger goal. For example, if for your goal is to read more books, start to think of times during the day that you would like to dedicate to reading or a specific genre of books that you would like to read; or start with a short book – I recommend the very fashionable, and funny, Ladybird books for adults – try the one on Hipsters, even if you have a small beard and side-parted hair.

Step 4: focus on your wins and celebrate them. OK, I’ve finished The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (really), now for an old episode of CSI Miami, and what’s next on the reading list?! Happy 2016!

All the best


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