Say Yes to Your Universe (29 February 2012)

I was behaving in a very uncoachlike way recently (I know, I know). I had to take a short, 10 minute bus ride - I thought - to chair a meeting. Only the bus hit traffic - an unexplained (of course...) jam which suddenly put a spanner in the works. I started to fume (I was cutting my timing too fine, naturally...), and felt hot and flustered; pathetic, I know, but it all seemed so unjust.

Then I remembered a technique I'd read about recently, for when things happen outside your control. Basically, breathe deeply, be still, close your eyes, physically nod your head and say to yourself: "Yes, sometimes things happen you can't control - accept it". So I turned to the crossword in my paper, and the next time I looked up I was almost at my stop, feeling calm, on time (just......), and with only 12 across to do.

So I'd said Yes to my Universe: coaching is about change, but sometimes stuff just happens. Try it yourself; and remember, if life give you lemons, then make lemonade!

all the best


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