Remembrance of things past (17 May 2017)

After some arduous travelling for my work, taking in Tanzania, Kenya and Thailand in the last few months, I decided to chill out for a few days by..... doing some more arduous (sort of) travelling in Spain, up to the hills of Andalucia, and very much at the mercy of the public bus system - and, alas, no bus to my destination on Saturday, it seems?

With an unexpected extra day on the coast, I checked in to Hostal Marbella, a small and unpretentious hotel in a relatively untouristy part of Fuengirola, which is the terminus for the excellent coastal train from Malaga via the airport. And the point of this story? Wait for it!

One of the interim stations was Torremolinos, the famous - infamous? - tourist destination for holidaying Brits. As we pulled out of the station, a strange, Proustian (OK, OK!) sensation hit me: I've been here before. And there it was, hidden in my head: as a First Year Undergraduate at Exeter University, we students went on a "field trip" to Torremolinos, as a kind of bonding (I realise now) exercise.

As Geography students, we mildly studied the urban geography, and set up a few sectors on the hills to examine the tropical flora; but it was about getting to know each other really.

And my real point is this: most of the students stayed close to the hotel, but two of them - a bearded chap who'd be branded a hipster now, and an incredibly, scaringly confident Irish woman, did not. At breakfast one day, and finding the table with my friends packed, I reluctantly joined these two characters for the typical Spanish take on English breakfast. Then I heard: they had gone BEYOND Torremolinos the previous evening! They had HITCHHIKED to MALAGA! They had gone BAR-HOPPING! They got back at 4 IN THE MORNING!

In retrospect, those two wild and mad students changed my life, and inspired me to just do It, whatever It is for me

So what is It for you - and why don't you do It?!

all the best

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