Only the lonely (10 March 2020)

"Loneliness is such a sad affair, and I can hardly wait to be with you again"

Part of the lyrics of the song Superstar by the Carpenters; not a group I had any affection for in my younger days, but I saw a CD of their Greatest Hits at a charity shop, and bought it on impulse, some strange demonstration of nostalgia. And, don't you know.....Karen Carpenter's voice is amazing!

I have managed to coax Superstar (one of their hits) out of my guitar, with the help of one of the many online chord websites: not bad, I reckon....?! But I also caught, briefly, after another manic day of parenting, a documentary on the Carpenters, documenting theIr careers but also sadly ending with Karen's death from anorexia. She was a somewhat enigmatic person in her last few months, and her eyes seemed to show sadness and confusion. Which brought the song's words to mind.

Loneliness seems always in the news now, even with - because of? - social media, meaning in theory we are always connected. This can be positive, of course; but also means (for some) that we are always on show, always being judged. And it also highlights even more, for those who feel they have no connections, their sense of isolation.

There are many practical ideas on how to overcome loneliness; just Google it, and take your pick. And don't mix loneliness with being alone; nearly all of us need alone time (so switch off that smartphone at night...).

Here's one quote that might help, from Guillermo Moldanao:

"Loneliness is not lack of company, it is lack of purpose" - so find purpose, and you will successfully fight loneliness.

And remember: we are all lonely sometime - it will pass!

all the best





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