New job, new you (31 March 2014)

One of  my coaching clients, who was very unhappy in her job and felt undervalued, has got a new - and exciting - role overseas. She is very excited.

But old anxieties die hard. She has had only little contact, via telephone, with her new boss, but her fears have been raised; it all sounds a bit chaotic, and she is afraid all the "admin" is going to end up piled on her again, killing her ambitions to do the higher level tasks that should be part of her new responsibilities.

She hasn't yet grabbed the chance to be a new person, that a new job offers; to dump the traits that hold her back, to grow the habits and outlooks that are positive, and to be newly assertive. Her new colleagues don't know her; she can be someone else, still with the same values, but with different behaviours.

So she's going to make a list of what she wants to keep, and what she wants to lose, and start practicing now! A new job, or moving to a new place; these are amazing opportunities to accelerate the changes you want in yourself, without the judgment of others.

So if you get that opportunity, grab it! And if you want a physical way of zapping unwanted characteristics, try my qi gong exercise here - and then Pow! Out goes that unassertiveness!

all the best

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