Mille Reves en moi (4 May 2016)

OK, cards on the table: I support Liverpool Football Club, and have done since I was six years’ old – well, they won the cup that year, so who else?! I never dreamed they would win so much in the intervening years, and then there was Istanbul 2005; 0-3 down, they eventually triumphed over AC Milan in the greatest game ever. Recent years have been less, er, noteworthy; but we have Klopp now as manager, and at least the fans have had a sort of triumph – the recent inquiry outcome that delivered, after 27 years, shamefully late and at huge emotional cost, complete vindication of the “96” and their families for the Hillsborough disaster. They’ll never walk alone.

But the UK is abuzz now with news of Leicester City’s premiership win. 5,000 to one against at the start of the season – you could get better odds on finding Elvis alive – they are assured top spot with two games left. Last season they escaped relegation by a whisker; this season they are “campeones” for the first time ever.

So what can we learn from this as we all seek to change and improve ourselves?

Humility seems to have been key; neither from manager Ranieri – no longer The Tinkerman – nor the players, nor the fans, has there been any over-playing of their talents, or dissing of opponents. Finding excellence through the combination of diverse qualities has been important, rather than relying on one “star”. Setting interim goals; 40 points first, to ensure relegation can’t happen, then assuring a place in European competition for next season. All exemplary coaching techniques!

But most of all, belief: believing being Number 1 is possible, no matter what others say or do. As with all coaching “triumphs”: decide what you really, really want, be honest, go for it!

“A thousand dreams burn softly inside me” (Rimbaud)

All the best

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