Me time (20 May 2019)

I was chatting recently to a fellow parent - as one does, nobly - as we watched our enthusiastic boys hoofing a football around on a recent Saturday morning training session. He is writing a book - and has been for 10 years.... - about: trees. He was planning a three-night camping trip - alone - to Sherwood Forest to do a little research.

Well, that's what he claimed - even to himself

But what he really sought (he admitted, under my close questioning) was some Me Time - time alone to think, relax, have solitude and aloneness, away from work colleagues, his partner, neighbours, his children (definitely, and with much sort-of guilt, his childen).

 We all need time alone, however hard it can be to get. It is not something we should feel guilty about, and it is not a rejection of other people - it is a basic need to rest and recharge. When I lived in the Philippines, in a very crowded squatter area (I lived with the Abichuela family in a very cramped house of.....17 people!), I once asked a Filipino colleague at a party, when the beers were flowing, if and how Filipinos could ever be alone in such a mass of humanity.

He said to me: we can be alone in our heads.

So even with lots of people around, you can still manage it. One method I have advised people in the past to get some Me Time is to leave a small gap - enough, say, for a coffee between meetings if you are dashing around - which only you know about. So end one meeting at 10.45am, then schedule the next one for 11.30am, knowing travel between meetings is 15 minutes, and then....enjoy 30 minutes Me Time!

And don't feel any guilt: people will benefit from you being a more relaxed, balanced, positive person!

all the best

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