Let the Children Play (24 June 2020)

The lockdown is easing! But the schools don't open until September (possibly....) here in the UK. Denmark can manage it - why not us? I can't do any more homeschooling, I just can't - those teachers, I know they are doing their best, and they are wonderful and dedicated people, but those teachers, and their unions, what are they doing, and they still get their cushy holidays, and the government is opening pubs but not schools, why oh why, aaaaaagh!!!

Many people with children are struggling with the lockdown as it extends beyond three months. The joy of extra quality time with the kids has worn off, and now coming to the fore are anxieties: about the quality of education parents can provide, about juggling working from home with homeschooling, about never having any me-time, about the increasing meltdowns (and that is just the parents.....).

So keep in mind:

  1. You are not a trained teacher; do what you can, you are doing a good job
  2. Learning takes many forms, not just books; get out with the children, cycle together, walk together, look at the clouds and the trees and the birds
  3. Don't feel guilty if the children spend time on iPads - it is a safety valve for you and them (but watch out if it starts to be hours and hours!)
  4. Playing is learning, too; don't be too harsh
  5. Do reserve some time for yourself, even if it is after the children have gone to bed; you deserve it, and you need it
  6. Don't shift your expectations to much onto your children; they are, even when very young, their own person, so respect that and adapt - maybe this is not the day for fractions or looking at biomes

Stay sane and calm, and your children will love you for it!

all the best








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