Let it go, let it go (14 December 2019)

This has been quite a month, in the UK and in the world as a whole. But let's just look at the UK, in line with our current inward, insular view of the world.....

Brexit, the General Election, stabbings in London and elsewhere, reality TV , Black Friday, impending climate extinction, a cold wind a-blowin', the ubiquity of Frozen 2 in the cinemas, job losses as well-known stores go out of business, the rise in Deliveroo, fast fashion, the increase in people having to sleep rough while the poverty gap grows......er, did I mention the General Election?

I have been in contact recently with some old friends and colleagues I haven't seen for years, and they have all felt the pervasive GLOOM surrounding us all. And No, Christmas is not seen as an end to the gloom; rather, just an extension, something to be got through, then we can see what further mess Boris and our politicians will make of 2020 and our futures.


But let's try to turn the corner, so how about these two things to start moving on to a positive vision:

  1. The picture above shows the moment a Muslim woman, on witnessing a Jewish father and his son being verbally abused on the London tube, spoke out fearlessly and with courage; an inspiring moment for us all surely
  2. From my old Qi Gong class: stand upright, but not rigid, arms by your sides; raise you arms from the elbows, hands loosely held with fingers in the classic birds-beak shape; think, this is what I will get rid of, all that is oppresiing me; then open your fingers suddenly, flick them, and LET IT GO!

In your best Elsa style, say Goodbye to those depressing thoughts, and look forward to 2020, inspired by that Muslim woman and others who you know and have heard about

Let it Go - and Happy Christmas!

all the best


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