Land of the Rising Sons (30 May 2013)

I have just returned from a visit to Japan, where my twins Apollo and Cosmo met their grandparents for the first time and experienced some of the wonders of Japan - the onsen (hot springs), the politeness, the buggy-friendly environment, the on-time trains - and some of the horrors (nutto - fermented soya beans; I love Japanese food, but nutto is just a step too far). And if you want to test, in a coaching sort of way, what you can endure with a smile on your face, try a 12-hour flight with newly-crawling, grasping twin boys; interesting to see who is kind and tolerant towards you, and who not! And I'd rate Japan Airlines over British Airways in being geared up for children.

This trip was also a rare chance for me to read a book - yes! - while the grandparents proudly pushed the twins around town accompanied by cries of "kawayai!" (cute; and they are). And what better to read in Japan than my favourite auther, Haruki Murakami. His 1Q84 is a big, big book and has all the elements that make his work unique and compelling; seemingly ordinary lives gradually take on bizarre and disturbing elements, leading to - well, I haven't quite finished it yet (it is 800 pages), but two moons in the sky bodes well for some pretty weird stuff.

Can't keep a good coach down, though, and I spotted this on page 336: "All I can do is live the life I have. I can't trade it in for a new one, however strange and misshapen it might be."

True. But if you are feeling like that today, remember: you can't trade in your life, but you can give it an overhaul, give it clean, try a new fuel, plan a journey, and invite some friends along! If you are stuck on how to begin, try one of the tools on this website - The Wheel of Life is a good starting place to discover where you need and want to change.

Live the life you have - only better


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