Jumping Jack Flash is a Gas (5 April 2012)

I went into hiding for a few days recently in the distant hills of Andalucia, to seek some peace and gather energy for the new financial year (yes, sadly, coaching is a business as well as a vocation...!). One task I set myself - one I was partly dreading - was to finally complete Life, the autobiography of Keith Richards, guitarist with The Rolling Stones. I had reached page 97 after about two months...... the book is over 600 pages in total.

Well, much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Keith has an, er, inimitable style of writing; it suits the man and the events. I learned two things in particular: (1) given his intake of narcotics, it really is amazing that Keith is still alive; and (2) the man really, really loves music in a raw and passionate way. That somehow surprised me; his passion for music is totally engaging.

However, my coach's eye is always open, and this passage stood out for me, where Keith describes his songwriting process: "But you're just going to trust yourself. Something's going to come. You come out with one line, throw in a guitar line and then another line's got to come out. This is where supposedly your talent lies"

So there you have it - rely on your talent and yourself, and the lines will come, one after the other. As all good coaches know; build people's self confidence and belief, and they will achieve amazing things.

But I still haven't quite finished the book........

all the best

Graham (always a Rolling Stones fan, never for the Beatles)

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