It's snow joke (ta-ra!) (7 March 2018)

No snow on the ground – finally! In this part of the UK the Great Thaw has come, after a week of lockdown, including – aghhhhh!!! – the schools being closed, meaning two very restless boys basically confined to the house by the deep drifts outside, as the Beast from the East met Storm Emma.

As ever, when the UK experiences extremes of weather, whinging has figured quickly; why do people panic-buy milk and bread, why aren’t the roads gritted, why can’t we get a hot shower, etc. One woman did point out that young girls walk six hours to fetch water in parts of Africa….. But she was a lone voice as people “took to Twitter” to complain about, essentially, small inconveniences.

However, amongst the complaining, there was hope and selflessness. Surely the best story was the delivery driver from Greggs who, struck in a snarl-up on a snow-bound road with 100s of others, walked up and down the traffic queue handing out cakes and bacon sandwiches. And even I knocked on the door of an elderly neighbour to see if he was in need to anything.

Acts of kindness or thoughtfulness genuinely help people, and make life easier for them; but they also make the actor feel better, having a warm glow. Such acts, expecting nothing in return, are good for our welfare, and may also give us just a little more insight. It also helps to make your own issues or problems seem less damaging, less extreme. I try to do something “kind” at least once a day, though – alas – I sometimes forget.

How about you?!

All the best

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