It's a mad, mad world (27 May 2015)

Working all hours in an unfulfilling role, hard-as-nails and workaholic boss, shallow “Facebook” friends, unsuitable living space, worries about a muffin top, scraping by on her wages, regrets a-plenty about missed opportunities, going nowhere, going nowhere, ah-ha….. All these were put before me by a recent client. So where to start? To cut a longish story short, a broken relationship was the trigger for all these negative feelings; which isn’t to say they are not real issues to be dealt with, but they seemed to matter less – or were less noticed – when the relationship was going strong. RELATIONSHIP was the central element in the matrix of this person’s life:

                         Hobby         Leisure              Family
                               Health         RELATIONSHIP  Friends
                              Career         Finances           Contribution

With that central element removed, some of the other issues were taking precedence, mostly in a negative and destructive way.

So what to do? Maybe a new relationship, sometime in the future, will help. But what this person did was to re-assess the remaining elements, looking for a foundation for moving forwards. To her surprise, it was FAMILY that she went back to, and which is providing that foundation – she has learned, after a long hiatus, that her parents and her sister, for so long neglected, are her unjudging supporters, accepting her for who she is and for where she is in life. With that solid base, she is starting to re-assess the other areas, and maybe thinking that she needs to get clearer what she really wants now, and make changes accordingly.

                    Hobby                 Leisure
                        Health                 FAMILY             Friends
                       Career                 Finances          Contribution

So if one of the key elements of your life suddenly changes, disappears, is taken away, you don’t necessarily have to replace it at once, maybe with something lesser that you will regret; look at what is left, re-value, put something else in the centre that is important to you; then start to move on again

All the best

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