I'm all ears (18 November 2017)

I was leafing through my daily newspaper this morning over a latte, delaying the time when I needed to look at the comments from my client on the latest evaluation report I have completed with a colleague from Zimbabwe. As Peter Flack says in his wonderful Flawless Consulting book (of which I have only read the Foreword….. whoops!):

“If you don’t upset someone with your analysis and recommendations, you must be doing something wrong” (try to tell the trust, see?!)

Anyway, one of the newspaper’s favourite features – a daily List – caught my eye. This one was a list of the Top Ten Acts of Kindness that Make Us Happy.

Some of the usual suspects were featured: giving an unexpected gift, making someone laugh, giving a hug, giving up a seat, giving a compliment. All very nicer; though the issue of physical contact has become just a little more complicated post-Harvey Weinstein and his abhorrent behaviour, which is, alas, widespread (did you really not know?!).

But back to nice; for some positively. Number 1 in the list surprised me:

Listening to someone

Now, I have just returned from a few indulgent days with two

very old friends from university days, spent at a house deep in the Wiltshire countryside, not far from Stonehenge. We trust each other implicitly, even if we don’t always agree; our politics are similar, and we have all had notable events and experiences, but we have led different lives.

But what is undeniable

is this: we can tell each other anything, and there will be no judgement.

I realised how rare is that experience, looking back on my life at work and home.

So next time someone trusts you with their thoughts, listen – and try not to judge

All the best








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