If you tolerate this (7 July 2020)

In these troubled times, as we exit lockdown with various levels of trepidation - from a carefree, it's-all-over attitude to there-is-no-way-I'll-go-to-a-pub nervousness - another, long-enduring issue has surfaced, fuelled by years of institutionalised racism and ignited by the killing of George Floyd by American police officers: the Black Lives Matter movement.

Did George Floyd's death make you angry; or depress you; or shrug, write it off as peripheral to your life; or did you think he got what was coming, flouting the law, antagonizing the police?

Your values affect your reactions to what goes on - in your life and around it. What are your values, then? Not the values you think you should have, because of your conscience and what others might think: but the real and deeply held beliefs that effectively govern your life?

Hopefully, anti-racism, reacting to prejudice that is based on someone's background, is a core value for you - though clearly not for many. But if you encounter it, what do you do? Or do you just ignore it.

You need to assess a situation, and adjust your reaction, including thinking of your own own safety and the safety of those you love; but as The Manic Street Preachers - whose CD emerged from my bookshelves during this lockdown along with many other forgotten musical gems from my younger days - said:

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next

This may well be a good time to think: what are the values that I really believe in? And then to make them central to the way you live, as we all move into a new phase of our lives

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