If at first you don't succeed (7 August 2012)

I am suffering sleep deprivation, so excuse me if I am a little inarticulate. The reason for my confused state of mind - or the reasons - are Apollo and Cosmo, my twin boys born yesterday, 6 August 2012. My wife and I are probably a wee bit old for this kind of happening - but it is a kind of miracle!

To cut a long story short: my wife Yoshiko and I married quite late, we weren't having any success on extending the Bennett line, so we tried a couple of cycles of IVF, to no avail. Then I had my dose of cancer, children seemed well out of reach. But we tried one last cycle, at the Serum Clinic in Athens (now do the names start to make sense?!), and - incredibly - Yoshiko became pregnant.

So now a new phase of life begins. But as a coach, what am I to make of it all? Well, the main lesson seems to be: if you really, really want something, do everything in your power to make it happen, and maybe, just maybe, it will.

OK, off to change a nappy now

all the best

Graham (first time father: yeek!)

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