Happy Christmas! (25 December 2018)

Indonesia has had another tsunami; many are dead, lives are devastated. Here in the UK, Brexit crawls on, bringing uncertainty and division. In Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, multi-millionaire as she is (from stolen state assets) hasn’t paid her servant staff for three months. Then there’s Trump and his wall. And desperate Venezuelans trying to get to the USA. And new bombing in Syria. And mass rape in Pakistan in so-called protest at women’s liberation. A more just and unequal world now than when I was young and hopeful, and started out a career living in a slum area in the Philippines with the Abichuela family, and on to Amnesty International and international aid agencies – where CEOs now get salaries of 200,000 UK pounds.


But I had Facebook messages from all continents, including those wonderful Abicheulas!

And then I heard John Lennon again: Imagine there’s no countries, I wonder if you can, nothing to live or die for, a brotherhood of man (and women, OK?!)

We’ll sort it in 2019, won’t we?

Think positive!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (War is over – if you want it)

All the best


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