Gut feelings (17/1/13)

Have you got a “gut instinct”; and do you use it? A recent client told me her gut instinct wasn’t working anymore; she kept waiting for it to announce its decision, but none was forthcoming.

Of course, like any coach, I was wondering: is this another way of procrastinating, putting off difficult decisions – albeit a creative one! But gut instinct – intuition, that voice in your head which says “That’s the right thing to do” – is often a helpful way to make decisions, if you listen.

My main “gut” decision was when I was a librarian (oh yes!), two years into my first real job after qualifying. I worked at UWIST/University of Wales, and was happy and comfortable in life. So much so that Sheila, a wonderful woman who was a part-timer on the issue desk, said in her broad South Wales accent (which I never mastered): “I suppose you’ll be settling down now in Cardiff, marrying a nice Welsh girl, raising a family”. And I thought: No, no I won’t be doing that, not now, not ever. That was my gut (I reckon); because Sheila’s vision was cosy, attractive, easy. It just wasn’t me. So I went off to be a VSO volunteer in the Philippines, and my life changed.

So gut instinct is important; why not give it a go, especially if you are stuck? Pause and take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself what’s best. Receive your answer, and listen to that voice – your voice. Inner guidance, answers and solutions may be just a few breaths away. But the first trick is to REMEMBER to pause and ask at the outset!

All the best

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