Goodbye to Cancer (29 September 2013)

I did a sponsored 10km run recently in aid of ChildHope, the international charity that supports street children; I am a member of its Board. I covered the distance in 61 minutes, 7 minutes slower than I ran 5 years ago when I covered the same distance for One World Action. The slower time may be due to my bout of cancer – I still steer a rather erratic course when running – or it may be down to age (I was in my 40s then; now I am......... not!).

I realised I was using the cancer as an excuse not to do things, or for not doing things well; not running well, not playing the guitar properly, not being so patient, not walking so much, not riding a bike, not making so much effort to socialise because half my hearing was gone. Not doing things I used to do. And, genuinely, some things were more difficult; my balance was – still is – a bit dodgy, so riding a bike feels scary; and I couldn’t finger-pick at all on the guitar, nor even strum.

So I rode to my old office one day, a slighhtly hazardous journey, but I did it. And I persevered on the guitar, and now I can pretty much strum as before (mostly Neil Young and Rolling Stones songs, since you ask).

And the run? It was my Goodbye to Cancer run, meaning that I will no longer use cancer as an excuse for not doing things; it will no longer be a barrier, and I feel a sense of liberation.

So what is your barrier, and how will you say Goodbye to it?!

All the best

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