Give a little smile (22 August 2018)

I’m struggling. A lot. Just one week left. Of the school holiday. One week. Like all parents, I’m finding it hard to keep them – my dear children – amused.

Just one week left.

But I have become so very aware of those who have helped me. The bus driver in London who lowered the step to make it easier for two six-year-old boys to get on. The hotel staff who went the extra mile to print out our zoo tickets after they were emailed to me. The café waitress who helped me get a variety of juices, burgers and sugary treats to a distant table with three boys and a girl (I’d somehow acquired extras) dancing all around.

All these folk, and many, many others were “just doing their job”, and not getting paid very much for it.

And they were enjoying it more, they told me, for “going the extra mile” and SMILING!

So try it in your work – it’ll make it seem less like a job

And if you receive such service – SMILE back nad say THANKS!

All the best

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