Get writing (29 May 2012)

When I was training as a coach, my tutors constantly nagged (as I saw it) to write things down; your goals, your ideas, your inspirations. In turn, we were encouraged to get those we coached to do the same.

Trouble is, I was a bit, er, reluctant. It wasn’t easy to do on skype or by phone; and even in person it seem a bit artificial – and just a bit like treating clients like children. So my practice on this point has been a bit variable….

However, I recently read this story. Some years back, a group of Yale University students in the US were asked how many of them actually wrote down their personal ambitions; 3% did. Fast forward 20 years, and the group was surveyed again: that 3% had amassed more wealth than the other 97%. So the message is: get writing, and you are more likely to succeed in your goals.

Of course, we don’t know if that 3% are using their untold riches to benefit their fellow citizens; that relates to their “values and beliefs”, one of the most interesting areas of coaching!

Alas, many people hardly recognise a pen these days, so try “writing” your goals on one of the myriad of digital devices that you probably use your opposable thumbs to operate: I have programmed into my Blackberry my goal – to have a sea view (see previous blog….!) – and it will appear as a reminder (or a reproach) each New Year’s Day until I finally achieve it!

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