From beyond the grave (7 October 2016)

Maybe it is just my age...... but the pattern of deaths of those I knew, both personally and through the media and repute, continues apace. In recent days, I found myself reading obituaries of the golfer Arnold Palmer and the Israeli leader Shimon Peres; both of whom were major figures when I was still a schoolboy, though they were in very different spheres.

One thing that struck me: while Arnold Palmer was universally praised for his skill at golf and his qualities as a team player, and for his humanity, Shimon Peres had much more mixed remembrances; as a freedom fighter, as a founder of Israel, as a peace activist, as an instigator of violence and oppression of Palestinians. Not suprising, perhaps; one from the world of sport, the other from politics, and a very divisive area of politics, too.

As I move nearer death - which, hopefully, remains a way off! - I find myself thinking more of the dead and what they leave behind in memories and legacy. Probably a lot less than we would like; but something, for sure, that those who love us will remember.

It all reminded me, also, of a coaching tool called The Rocking Chair Test, where we ask people to envisage a time far in the future when they sit rocking (or perhaps rockin') gentle on their porch, looking back and thinking: how do I want to be remembered? And what do I have to do now to be rembered in those ways?

Well, this is a slight variation, but.......... when your obituary comes to be written, what do you want it to say? And what can you do now and in the future to make sure it says what you want?!

Now do those things!

all the best

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