First thoughts first (1 September 2016)

Sometimes I used to find myself feeling happy - or glum - and I had no idea why. I tried thinking systematically and logically through various possible options or reasons: no luck. None of the possible reasons felt real.

Then one day, whilst doing something unconnected with my state of mind, it suddenly hit me - the reason (in that case) for my mild discontent. It was as though, by not thinking about it, I tricked myself into letting my guard down, and then - wham, that was the reason, buried below the surface.

Interestingly, it was and is quite often a small or unconscious trigger - something someone said or did in the street or on a bus, an item I'd heard fleetingly on the radio, a small story in the newspaper; such things profoundly affected my mood, even though I couldn't identify them through logical thinking. I had to catch myself unawares; then the truth would come out.

I've shared this technique with others, and it seems to work - so try it!

all the best

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